CRM Support Services and Exposition

October 23-25, 2000

Moscone Center San Francisco, CA


Audience: CRM and customer care professionals, mid level managers and above

Strategy: To dominate the event as much as possible

Tactics: High quality exhibit, fun Vegas style presentation that was also educational, room drops, reception

Results: 486 total customer contacts captured



Getting there is 1/2 the fun. Setup is usually a pain, but in this case we had some great help including Linda and Joy. To your left you can see our "Sparky" sign being raised.

We had a killer booth, 20x30 with multiple demo stations surrounding it.

Below Bob Frankenberg from Blue Pumpkin Software is taking in a demo from Anand.

  To your left you see Jackie, she played the part of Vanna White. As you can see, we were busy for each of our demonstration sessions, everyone had a lot of fun.