CASE STUDY: How AnswerLogic Won Best of Show for Their eCRM
Conference Booth

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CHALLENGE: Last Fall, new eCRM company AnswerLogic decided to
launch their online customer interaction software at the
CRM/Support Services Expo. The Company needed to drive
qualified leads to their booth; and, to make the most of them
once they got there. Matt Arozian, VP Creative Services for
AnswerLogic's agency, ENC Marketing, says, "AnswerLogic's
20x30 booth was up against companies who had 50x50 booths
further in the front."

CAMPAIGN: AnswerLogic launched its booth traffic-generation
drive with a classic pre-show mailer. Arozian says, "We sent
a postcard via first class mail about two weeks before the
show. It read 'Don't gamble with your customer relationship.
Learn how you can make the Web your first line of customer
care at the CRM/Support Services Expo.'" The booth number was
mentioned in three places.

Next Arozian's team blanketed the show itself with invitations
to visit the booth, including a full-page ad in the printed
show directory, a seven-foot sign in the registration area and
a hotel room drop whereby plastic bags containing invitations
were hung on selected attendees' door handles.

Plus, AnswerLogic gave all booth visitors a special blinking
badge to wear on the show floor -- and cleverly promised
attendees that roving prize spotters would be looking for
people wearing the badges on the show floor to give gifts to.
Arozian says, "We didn't have the advance time to do it, but
it would be great to do this in the future with different
colored lights to indicate hot and cold leads."

The booth itself was designed to look like a casino. Arozian
says, "Our challenge was to explain to attendees what the
product is, why it's different and how they could use it. To
do that you really need to get someone in front of a computer
so they can see it in action." So, ENC created an
entertaining casino game that was itself an ongoing product

Joy Sandler ENC's Senior Account Manager (who worked until 2am
the day before the show getting the booth ready) explains,
"Players were given chips to bet on what the answer would be
for a topical question about eCRM. Then the MC said, 'OK,
let's ask AnswerLogic!' and the answer would come up on a
giant screen mounted at a focal point in the booth. Winners
could cash in chips to get prizes."

After the show, AnswerLogic's internal sales team carefully
followed up with everyone who'd visited the booth. Arozian
says, "They didn't make the classic mistake of generating lots
of leads and then never doing anything about it."

RESULTS: Sandler says, "The booth was definitely the show's
big bang -- the show stopper. Everyone on the floor kept on
coming up to say 'You have the best event here.' It really
had a huge impact."

Arozian says, "If you can get somebody imagining themselves in
their minds using your product, it's a short step from there
to getting them to actually purchase it. I don't think a
lecture or a brochure with bullet points will ever stack up
against getting them involved in a fun, relevant interaction
with it."

ENC's traffic generation tactics certainly worked, the booth
was full to capacity at every single game session. And by the
time the show was over AnswerLogic had 484 new warm or hot
leads to follow up on -- a total of 6.9% of show attendees.