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Collateral and sales tools are some of the most visible items that a marketing team will develop.


Printed Media

Annual reports are key to helping a company attract and excite investors. This annual report was designed by Beveridge Seay.


Re-branding a company and their solutions is always a challenge. At AnswerLogic we decided to focus on customer care solutions that can be deployed over the Internet.


Direct mail invitation for a 29 city worldwide launch seminar event.


Direct mail postcard invitation for a 29 city worldwide launch seminar event.


Direct mail postcard invitation for a webinar event.


Product line catalog example.


Partner programs brochure.


Gatefold brochure design example. This piece was used for a direct mail program.


TiGiJet data sheet designed using a MS Word template.


Case study designed using a MS Word template.

Sales Tools and Programs

Marketing teams can create a lot of value by developing and deploying high-impact sales tools and programs that help both direct sales teams and partners to sell.


Big Time Connections was an innovative program that used "edutainment" as a tactic for partner education. The program also featured a contest and other methods for incenting participation.


The performance analyzer program was designed to help customers determine need for a solution that will improve the performance and scalability of their application servers.


Sample deliverable for the performance analyzer program.


The customer passport program was designed to accelerate a typically long sales cycle by motivating qualified customers to visit a corporate headquarters for multiple days of demos, executive interaction and touring the sites in Washington, DC.


Fast Break sales incentive program integrated with a new product launch campaign.


Electronic Media
Leveraging Internet technologies and electronic media is a great way to deliver your message and makes it easy for your customers, partners, investors and employees to take action.

This electronic invitation was designed to use HTML email to promote and sell tickets to an annual charity event. An electronic invitation made it easier to spawn a viral campaign as the invitation could easily be emailed to other interested people. Over 500 tickets were sold.


Leveraging partner marketing activities is a great way to promote your solution to a very targeted audience. This is an example of how to leverage a HTML newsletter that is sent to thousands of employees and partners worldwide.


Regular communications with your partners is critical to maintaining interest in your solution. Branded HTML newsletters are a very effective way to do this.


Co-branded Sales Accelerator webinar events were a key component of a launch campaign that attracted nearly 100 new resellers and helped drive over $2 million in revenue in a 7 month period.


Surveys and Feedback
Online surveys, call campaigns and focus groups are proven ways to gather market intelligence, customer/partner feedback and to validate messaging and product plans.

Sample script for online survey to test new product messaging and market awareness.
Survey report example.
Partner survey call script.


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