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Events are a great way to build brand awareness and increase your outreach to customers, partners, press, analysts and investors. Live events especially can be expensive, so each event you decide to attend and support deserves a strategy and event plan to ensure success.


This is an example of an award winning event that was key to launching a company and its first product. 

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Webinar events are by far one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to extend your message via a live, interactive platform that delivers a seminar over the Internet. Viewers like them too, as they can attend the event without leaving their office.

This event featured a presentation from an analyst from Gartner. Note - this event archive has been removed by Yahoo!


Partner co-marketing webinars are a great lead generation tool. This is a screenshot of a "Sales Accelerator" event that was a key component of a launch campaign with a major technology distributor. The event attracted nearly 100 new resellers and helped drive over $2 million in revenue in a 7 month period.


This drink menu is from a new product announcement event that was co-sponsored by IBM at a Gartner event in Orlando, Fl.



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