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Leveraging the press and analyst community is absolutely the fasted way to build buzz about your organization and improve search engine results, but it comes with some strings attached including costs and additional efforts required to "manage the message".  With a little creativity even the smallest organizations can gain traction with these activities.

 Press Releases
Here are a few samples of press releases I have crafted and published. In many cases I was able to navigate the PR groups within large organizations to secure quotes from key players and industry personalities.

New Product

New Partner

Strategic Event

 Articles About Your Company and Solutions
Whether you are quoted in an article, in a side-by-side comparison with your biggest competitor or have a success story featured, being published in well-read online and print publications is imperative to getting on the radar screen of key customers, partners and investors.


 Leverage the Bloggers
It is no secret that getting positive information about your company published online is a great way to expand your reach and improve search engine performance.

The blogging community following your industry is a great place to start. In most cases these folks will be happy to cover you for free and many of them offer reasonably priced value added services to help you gain even more exposure. DABCC is a best-of-breed example of this within the Citrix and virtualization community.


Healthcare IT Guy

 Analyst Relations
Even though it is true that engaging with the analyst community requires both effort and budget, there are some creative ways to gain exposure with key analysts covering your market segment.

One of my favorites is to schedule a "briefing" where you have the opportunity to review your solution and market positioning with an analyst. Even the largest firms like Gartner offer this for free, and really appreciate the opportunity to learn about a new company or solution. Besides, you never know who will be asking them about you. 




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